Recognized throughout the world as the standard of quality for Swing Doors, WHITING builds SEA-LOK Doors to tough, time-tested specifications with top grade materials proven to last in the harsh environments faced by the trucking industry.


Plate-LOK Doors

High-density polyethylene (PE) foamed structural core. Thermal bonding process adheres core to external skins and is the industry standard for transportation plate sidewall and door products.
Panel faces are Galvanized Steel - 80,000-psi yield with  a prepainted white Polyester baked-on standard finish. Other colors are available for quantity production runs.

Plymetal Door Panels

Exterior grade Douglas Fir plywood standard; OSB, and other wood-based cores are available to suit your application.
Patented urethane-type adhesives provides superior bond and meets all transportation specifications.
Wide range of panel faces include:
  • Galavan High Tensile Steel (pre-painted or mill)
  • Galvanized Steel (pre-painted or mill)
  • Aluminum (pre-painted or mill) 3003-14, 3105-H14, 5052-H34
  • Stainless Steel (SBA or mill) 304-2B
  • Composite Sheeting





Sea-Lok™ Economy door seals are designed to keep moisture and salt on the outside, away from the door and cargo.  A rigid channel firmly caps the panel edge, and two flexible flanges seal between the doors and door framing.




The Premium Sea-Lok™ seal, similar to the Economy seal design but incorporates two small flexible static tips which extend from the legs of the rigid channel to hermetically seal your door panel.




Interior ridges provided within the Aqua-Tite seal design ensure that sealant applied within the channel will provide superior contact with the door panel.  The ridges ensure that the adhesive remains within the channel; the result is a stronger bond which reduces the possibility of water coming in contact with the interior portion of the panel.


Length 1/2"
1  1/4"
1  1/2"
116" Econo  78-61220
Prem  78-62120
Prem  78-62220 Aqua-Tite  78-60320
Econo  78-61320
Prem  78-62320
Econo  78-61520
Prem  78-62520
Econo  78-61720
Prem  78-62720
Prem  78-62820
144" Econo  78-61150
Prem  78-62150
Prem  78-62250 Econo  78-61350
Prem  78-62350
Econo  78-61550
Prem  78-62550
Econo  78-61750
Prem  78-62750
Prem  78-62850
168" Econo  78-61160
Prem  78-62160
Prem  78-62260 Aqua-Tite  78-60360
Econo  78-61360
Prem  78-62360
Econo  78-61560
Prem  78-62560
Econo  78-61760
Prem  78-62760
Prem  78-62860

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