Q: Why is the header dimension important? What is my minimum header?

A: The header dimension varies depending on the door model.  The below chart outlines the minimum header height requirements.

Minimum Header Requirements
Aluminum Clad, DryFREIGHT™, Laminated Premium
5  3/4"
HingedTRUSS  II™
6  1/8"
Beverage Door
6  1/2"
CargoGUARD™, ColdSAVER™, BASS  DryFREIGHT™, Premium Plate
7  1/2"
8  1/4"


Q: What measurements are required to order a door?

A: Available within the ‘Technical Documents’ page is the standard quote form that outlines all of the necessary dimensions required.  Once the measurements are captured simply e-mail the completed form to info@whitingcanada.com or submit via fax to 1-866-845-9008.


Q: What is the minimum post dimensions required to install a door?

A: It is recommended that there is a minimum of 2” available for the post; this leaves enough space for the mounting angle and vertical track to be installed and out of the way of potential danger.


Q: What door models are compatible with the CommandLIFT®?

A: WHITING’s Aluminum Clad, CargoGUARD™, ColdSAVER™, DryFREIGHT™, HingedTRUSS II™, Laminated Premium, SHIELD Series, and TempGUARD™ are all compatible with the CommandLIFT®.  Please visit www.CommandLIFT.com for more information.


Q: What is your warranty?

A: 1 year on parts.


Q: What can I do to extend door life? What should I be doing to inspect and maintain my door?

A: WHITING suggests following the recommended maintenance procedures as outlined within our ‘Technical Documents’ page, click here for a printable version of that document.  Products such as Easy-Up (Item #7427) will assist in a smooth door operation and will help lubricate all the moving parts.  Easy-Up is available in our online store.


Q: Why is my door so difficult to operate?

A: There are a number of potential reasons as to why you may be experiencing issues with your door operation.  Be sure to lubricate all moving parts such as rollers.  Another possibility is that the balancer tension needs to be adjusted to either increase the tension if having issues opening the door, or release some tension if having issues closing the door.  Also ensure that the door is sitting square within the opening.


Q: How can I get my door clear of the header in the open position?

A: WHITING has a couple of hold-open devices to help maximize the overhead clearance.  The #1184 (available in our online store) is compatible with every WHITING door model.


Q: Are custom paint colours available?

A: Yes, custom paint colours are available but are subject to customer approval.  Colour samples will be produced and shipped to the customer for final approval before the doors can be painted.


Q: Are there any models that will eliminate rivets from the face of the door?

A: WHITING has a number of door models that feature smooth exterior surfaces that are ideal for paint


Q: Is there a power option available?

A: WHITING has a powered option called the CommandLIFT®.  Within the ‘Videos’ section there is a featured video outlining the key features and benefits of this remote controlled door opening and closing device.


Q: What is available for increased security? What are the lock/security options?

A: WHITING has a number of additional security features available including the #6376 Lock Box, additional information can be found within our online store.


Q: Do you offer windows in the rear door?

A: No, we do not currently have windows available within any of our door models.


Q: How do I adjust balancer tension?

A: There is an instructional video available within our ‘Videos’ section as well as printable step-by-step instructions within our ‘Technical Documents’ section.


Q: How can I tell what type of door it is?

A: There are complete details about every WHITING door model available in the ‘Models’ section of our website.  If the door contains a plywood core it is part of our Dry Freight series.  Doors made of either metal or composite materials are found in the ‘Specialty Door Models’ area with the exception of our ‘Insulated Door Models’ that features foam within.


Q: What if there are no serial numbers on the door?

A: To determine what door model you currently are using, details on each door model are available within the ‘Models’ page.  If looking to replace an existing door for example, we will need to know what door model you currently have as well as the dimensions shown in the quotation form (available by <clicking here>) and our customer service team will provide a quote based on the information.

To replace a door panel, we will need to know the door model you are currently using as well as the height and width of the panel being replaced.  Parts and components are also available in our online store and categorized by individual door model.


Q: How can tension issues be corrected?

A: There is an instructional video available online by clicking <here>


Q: Do you have an installation DVD?

A: For your convenience we have recently uploaded our installation DVD on to our website so it can be viewed at home, at work, and on mobile devices.  This increased functionality allows you to have the video readily available while performing the installation process.  The video can be found in our ‘Videos’ section of the website.


Q: What can I use to lubricate the door?

A: WHITING suggests using Easy-Up (Item #7427) and is available in our online store.


Q: Does WHITING build doors using off-shore parts?

A: WHITING uses only North American parts and lumber.


Q: Can I get a longer pull strap?

A: Pull straps are available in 12”, 19”, 24”, and 32” lengths with a black e-coated or painted retainer.  WHITING also has 19” and 32” length straps available with white powder-coated or stainless steel retainers.